Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2

OFFICIAL PAGE:  Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2


Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2, from Acon Digital, is a full-featured application for editing, mastering, and restoration work on both macOS and Windows. Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2 includes a new Remix tool based on the Spleeter artificial intelligence models which can split a complete mono or stereo mix into up to five stems. The spectral editing capabilities, available only in the Premium Edition, include area, brush, freehand or magic wand selection tools as well as the important harmonic selection capability. Improved time resolution in the spectrogram is a result of new temporal resolution enhancement technology. A retouch tool removes noise based on a freely selectable reference from the surrounding audio. Acoustica Standard Edition 7.2 also includes the new Remix tool but omits the spectral editing capabilities. A list comparing the features of both the Standard Edition and Premium Edition can be found at the Features tab at the link above.

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