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OFFICIAL PAGE:  Melodyne 4


Melodyne 4, from Celemony Software GmbH, is a unique family of applications that allow you to edit audio on a note-by-note basis. According to Celemony, it is possible to extract individual instruments from a mix using using Melodyne 4, but only under certain circumstances. Celemony's DNA Direct Note Access™ technology, available in only the editor and studio editions of Melodyne 4, divides up the material by notes, not by instruments. According to Celemony, "If two instruments play the same note in the same octave at the same time, for example, you have access only to a single note composed of the combined sound of the two instruments. It’s a different story with instruments that occupy different frequency ranges, such as flutes and double basses. In such cases there is no overlapping of notes, so either instrument can be extracted from the mix."  Celemony further states, "Our DNA Direct Note Access™ technology was developed for the editing of single polyphonic instruments, and removing instruments from a mix is not one of its appointed tasks – so whether or not it works in a given case is largely a matter of chance. That does not mean, however, that it’s not worth investigating the possibility." A 30 day trial is available free of charge. Melodyne 4 is available for both macOS and Windows.