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SpectraLayers Elements 11

OFFICIAL PAGE:  SpectraLayers Elements 11


SpectraLayers Elements 11, from Steinberg, is a inexpensive spectral editor which provides a gateway to the world of spectral editing. SpectraLayers Elements 11 includes improved AI and a number of spectral editing tools, including a brush, rectangular and elliptical marquee selection, and time/frequency range selection. As its name implies, SpectraLayers Elements 11 does not include some of the more advanced capabilities and tools of SpectraLayers Pro 11 such as lasso selections, the Heal tool, the Transient Selection tool, and the very important Harmonics Selection tool. SpectraLayers Elements 11 does include the ability to Unmix vocals from your audio file. SpectraLayers Elements 11 includes ARA 2 technology which allows you to launch SpectraLayers directly into your Cubase, Nuendo or other ARA-supporting DAW timelines. A comparison between SpectraLayers Elements 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 11 can be viewed here: SpectraLayers Comparison Chart. SpectraLayers Elements 11 should provide an excellent introduction to the world of spectral editing and visualizing music in a spectrogram. SpectraLayers Elements 11 is available for macOS and Windows. Full details at the link above.



Screenshots courtesy of Robin Lobel



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SpectraLayers Elements 11 Operation Manual (PDF)​



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