monotoSTEREO.info is dedicated to providing a collection of resources for individuals upmixing older mono music recordings to stereo.  Various attempts have been made through the years to "simulate" stereo from mono sources.  This website will focus on audio spectral editing, sound source separation, and other related tools and processes used specifically for the purpose of upmixing mono source material to stereo, with the goal of creating stereo mixes that are virtually indistinguishable from stereo mixes created using multitrack session tapes, had they existed.


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A featured example of the many mono recordings that have been upmixed to stereo through the use of spectral editing and/or sound source separation which are linked to on the MEDIA pages of this website...

Another superb example of what is possible with this technology. Yes... this is a mono recording which has been upmixed to Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES)!...