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AudioDirector 13 Ultra

OFFICIAL PAGE:  AudioDirector 13 Ultra (Note: AudioDirector 13 Ultra no longer available for purchase. AudioDirector 365 available by subscription only)  

AudioDirector 13 Ultra, from CyberLink, is a multitrack recording, editing, and mixing application which includes a number of features aimed at audio restoration.  The Visual Repair Tools allow you to do spectral editing with time, time & frequency, frequency, magic wand, and brush tools. AudioDirector 13 Ultra now includes AI-based Voice Profiler & EQ Match, AI Speech Enhancement, AI Wind Removal, AI De-Reverb, Vocal Balance, and Vocal Removal. AudioDirector 13 Ultra is only available for Windows.  Upgrades are available for those currently using earlier versions. AudioDirector is also available as a subscription-based application called AudioDirector 365. Full details at the link above. 

AudioDirector 10 Ultra.jpg
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