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Audio Stem Separator

OFFICIAL PAGE:  Audio Stem Separator


Audio Stem Separator is a AI-based stem separation service offered by MAZTR Online Mastering. According to their website, "Free users have a limit of one 5MB file upload per day and can convert the bitrate of the output MP3 files up or down between 64kbps and 192kbps. Pro Accounts can upload unlimited 100MB files and can download the output as WAV files or 320kbps MP3 files." Free users are limited to separating their music into 2 stems, vocal and instrumental. Pro users can split their music into 4 stems (vocals, bass, drums and other) or 5 stems (vocals, bass, drums, piano and other). Users can also select between a 11kHz and 16kHz frequency limit on the separated results. Full details at the above link.

Audio Stem Separator (2).jpeg

Screenshots courtesy of MAZTR Online Mastering

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