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Welcome to! This website went live on January 29, 2015 and recently celebrated its eight year anniversary! I am happy to report that as of August 19, 2023 has now been visited over 70,000 times by individuals in 186 countries! Thank you all for your continued interest and support of this website! It is my sincere hope that you find it interesting, informative, educational, and thought provoking!

I am happy to report that I have resumed posting on Twitter. Follow me: @mono_to_STEREO for my updates and related content.

Always be sure to hit "refresh" on your web browser for each page on this website to insure that you are viewing the latest content!

Be sure to check out the article written by Jesse Jarnow and published by WIRED: "How Audio Pros ‘Upmix’ Vintage Tracks and Give Them New Life". The Owner & Webmaster of this website (yours truly) is one of the people featured in the article! After clicking on that link you may have to dismiss WIRED's banner advertisement by clicking on the downward arrow to the right so you can then scroll down to read the article in its entirety.

In response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on May 25, 2018 and aims to protect the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data of European Union (EU) citizens, I have added a PRIVACY page detailing this website's privacy policy. Please review it at your earliest convenience.

Please note our new email address:  Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!

I updated the Samplitude Pro page to Samplitude Pro X8 Suite. I recently found a number of links on the LINKS pages that had been corrupted, so I reviewed each LINKS page and corrected any that needed correcting. I removed the Sonicracker, Stems, Unmix, and VOXISO pages since they are all no longer valid. I updated the RECOMMENDATIONS page again. I also recently updated the DeMIX Pro page to mention the impressive new features in Version 4.2. DeMIX Pro is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I updated the SpectraLayers Elements 9 and SpectraLayers Pro 9 pages to SpectraLayers Elements 10 and SpectraLayers Pro 10 respectively. SpectraLayers Pro 10 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The iZotope RX 9 Standard and iZotope RX 9 Advanced pages have been updated to iZotope RX 10 Standard and iZotope RX 10 Advanced, respectively. The NUO-STEMS page has been updated to reflect the new version, which now uses Demucs. I added two new tools to the TOOLS pages: DRUMLESS and RemixThere are now a total of 116 (!) tools listed on the TOOLS pages, which are available from the pull-down menu at the top of each page. I split the LINKS pages into six pages to allow for room for more links! I just added three superb new releases on the LATEST RELEASES page and recently added another 8 superb examples to the new MEDIA 25 page! Be sure to also check out the many other examples on the MEDIA 1, MEDIA 2, MEDIA 3, MEDIA 4, MEDIA 5, MEDIA 6, MEDIA 7, MEDIA 8, MEDIA 9, MEDIA 10, MEDIA 11, MEDIA 12, MEDIA 13, MEDIA 14, MEDIA 15, MEDIA 16, MEDIA 17, MEDIA 18, MEDIA 19, MEDIA 20, MEDIA 21, MEDIA 22, MEDIA 23, and MEDIA 24 pages!

There are now links to over 1,700 research papers and presentations in the field, which are listed on the RESEARCH pages of the website! They are also all available from the RESEARCH pull-down menu at the top of each page. I will continue adding additional content as time permits. Thanks to all of the researchers who contacted me with suggestions for additions to the listings!   Be sure to also visit the Facebook page and click on "Like" to follow the page for news of updates to the website, as well as for related content.



Christopher Kissel

September 28, 2023

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