DeMIX Pro, from AudioSourceRE, is an excellent application for upmixing mono source material to stereo. DeMIX Pro combines cutting-edge sound source separation capabilities with a built-in advanced spectral editor. Version 2 of DeMIX Pro now includes new All Vocals and Lead Vocal removal, new Bass separation, new improved Drum separation, and faster separation times for Vocals and Drums. DeMIX Pro Version 2 also has improved UI feedback during track separations, a quicker and simpler device activation process, and new stability improvements. Also included are automatic pan separation capabilities for use with stereo source material. In addition to harmonic selection capabilities, the built-in spectral editor includes a number of intelligent spectral editing tools. A multi-channel mixer is included which allows you to quickly and easily listen to your separations in the context of a stereo mix. Level, pan, mute, and solo controls are available for each separated track. DeMIX Pro's Melody Editor allows you to manually identify the desired vocal or instrument that you wish to separate, even when in the presence of harmony vocals and other instrumentation. DeMIX Pro can also identify and separate the vocal's reverb and include it with the separated vocal if desired or provide it on a separate track for greater flexibility. DeMIX Pro performs its heavy number crunching in the cloud and is available for both macOS and Windows. Full details at the link above.