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Song Master Pro

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Song Master Pro, from Aurally Sound, is a comprehensive set of tools designed to be "The musician's learning assistant". According to their website, "Song Master gives you the tools to learn your favorite songs directly from the recording and to practice them efficiently." "Song Master uses advanced machine learning and deep learning algortihms to determine a song's high level sections, chords, bars, beats, time signature, key, and tuning." Song Master Pro is able to take a mono or stereo track and extract out individual tracks containing Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, and a composite track of all the remaining parts (Guitar and Piano are only available in the Pro version). The Pro version also allows you to export your audio as 44.1kHz wav, flac, or ogg files (the Standard version is limited to 22kHz). Song Master Pro can read non-DRM mp3, m4a, flac, ogg, mogg, wav, aiff and wma audio files. Song Master Pro provides tools for importing and downloading lyrics, editing and synchronizing lyrics to a song, and displaying lyrics in a synchronized scrolling window. A built-in mixer allows you to hear your extracted stems in the context of a stereo mix, with controls for adjusting the level and panning of the extracted tracks. You can also solo and mute individual tracks. Song Master Pro also has the ability to view your music in spectrogram and midi views. Song Master Pro is available for both macOS (with full support for Native Apple Silicon M1/M2) and Windows. Full details at the link above.

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Screenshots courtesy of Christopher Kissel

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