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OFFICIAL PAGE:  ADX VVC 3  (please check with Audionamix for availability)


Audionamix took their award winning sound source separation technology and created a plugin which allows you to adjust the volume level and pan position of a lead vocal within a mono or stereo final master mix.  The ADX VVC 3 (Vocal Volume Control) plugin uses Audionamix's cloud-based processing right from within your DAW. Options are available for High Quality, Reverb, Consonants, and Pitch Range settings.  Version 3.0 now allows you to adjust the level of your melodic content up to +/- 12dB with improved vocal detection and new melody and vocal separation modes.  ADX VVC 3 now supports AAX, VST, and Audio Units in both macOS & Windows.

ADX VVC 3 (Vocal Volume Control)
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