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OFFICIAL PAGE:  ADX TRAX Pro 3  (please check with Audionamix for availability)


Audionamix took their award winning ADX TRAX application and added full-featured spectral editing capabilities which enable users to further refine their separations to produce professional quality results.  In addition to brush, marquee, lasso, time, frequency, and harmonic selection tools, ADX TRAX Pro 3 includes some unique new tools to help refine separations.  A Tonal/Noise Filter Tool allows the user to target harmonic or noisy components for removal.  A Smart Attenuate Tool uses information from the left and/or right of the selection to intelligently attenuate the selected region.  A Denoise Tool can learn from a selected region of the source to not only remove noise but also certain instrument sounds, if desired.  The latest version of ADX TRAX Pro even includes a new MIDI import feature for easier pitch guide creation.  Like ADX TRAX 3, ADX TRAX Pro 3 is available for purchase or as a subscription and is currently available only for macOS. Version 3 of ADX TRAX Pro now includes a new Consonants Annotation tool, the ability to export your files in STEMS format, GPU enhancement, a new zoom-to-fit feature, a pan-specific spectral editing feature, spectrogram optimization, and more!

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