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OFFICIAL PAGE:  Chronotron


Chronotron is a Media Player for Windows 10 users which includes many features that musicians might find useful. Chronotron now includes music source separation capabilities allowing you to separate a song into 2 or 4 stems. According to their blog, "For the output stage, Chronotron uses a different approach than most other tools out there: instead of producing a separate audio file for each stem, Chronotron relies on the ability of MP4 media containers to support multiple audio streams, and creates a single output file (.mp4 for video, .m4a for audio) with all extracted stems embedded on it." Full details and a link to download the application in the Microsoft Store are available at the link above.


Screenshots courtesy of Ianier Munoz,



Music Source Separation (aka “Unmixing”) with Chronotron [IANIER MUNOZ / Chronotron]

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