Pandora Realtime

Pandora Realtime, developed by the brilliant developer Stephan Bernsee (born Stephan Sprenger), was released back in 1998 by Prosoniq Products Software GmbH in Germany. Pandora Realtime was the first high-end music decomposition software for Apple Macintosh computers and was based upon Prosoniq's Neural Network audio processing technology. The plugin ran only in Prosoniq's sonicWORX Studio or sonicWORX PowerBundle applications and was designed to change the volume of a singer's voice independent of the music signal in a mono or stereo recording. Pandora Realtime used Prosoniq's proprietary Multiple Component Feature Transform to split the signal into different components which could then be chosen so as to best represent certain instrument features. This made it possible for the plugin to recognize voice and other instruments in a mixdown without computationally intense harmonic tracking procedures. Pandora Realtime and the sonicWORX applications were incredibly advanced and capable for their time! Recently, Prosoniq was acquired by Zynaptiq, with Denis Goekdag as the CEO and Stephan Bernsee as the CTO.

Screenshot courtesy of Prosoniq

Photos courtesy of Christopher Kissel

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