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Sequoia 16

OFFICIAL PAGE:  Sequoia 16


Sequoia 16, from MAGIX Software GmbH, is a full-featured digital audio workstation for recording, mixing, post-production, and mastering. Sequoia 16 includes a Spectral Cleaning feature for editing audio content.  According to MAGIX, "Elements that have gone missing from the original frequency spectrum are recalculated into the recording using interpolation or transitions from the surrounding usable signal.". A full version of SpectraLayers Pro 7 is now included with Sequoia 16! Sequoia 16 is available only for Windows (32 bit or 64 bit). Full details at the link above.

Sequoia 14

Screenshot courtesy of MAGIX




Spectral Cleaning - Cleaning up Acoustic Guitar tracks [TimDolbear]


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