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Nuendo 13



Nuendo 13 is the latest version of Nuendo from Steinberg. Nuendo 13 is a full-featured DAW which includes many advanced capabilities aimed in particular at those working on professional audio production in the TV and film industries. Nuendo 13 includes a new, improved version of SpectraLayers called SpectraLayers One. In addition to allowing you to easily perform spectral editing without leaving the Nuendo 13 environment, SpectraLayers One can automatically separate vocals from your audio source, providing you with separated vocal and backing instrumentation tracks. New in Nuendo 13 is VoiceSeparator, an AI-based VST plug-in which is trained to detect and isolate spoken dialogue from complex background noises, including other voices, and also to reduce or remove undesired voice sounds from background and ambient recordings. Nuendo 13 is available for both mac OS and Windows 11. Full details at the link above.


Screenshots courtesy of Steinberg



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