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sonicWORX Isolate



sonicWORX Isolate is a superb spectral editor developed by Stephan Bernsee at Prosoniq.  sonicWORX Isolate includes many powerful tools specifically designed for extracting or suppressing vocal and instrumental sounds from mono or stereo source material.  Rather than using a FFT, sonicWORX Isolate uses a very high resolution proprietary transform which generates very large analysis files, but allows access to features that otherwise might be lost or smoothed out during the analysis stage. sonicWORX Isolate also provides a unique color-coded display of your signal that clearly shows which components are highly harmonic and which are noise-like.  In addition to a Harmonic Pattern Selection Tool and a De-Noising Tool, sonicWORX Isolate includes a "Magic Box Tool" which resolves interference between overlapping instruments based on their statistical properties. It can be used to remove drums from extracted voice, or to suppress residual voice components when removing vocals. A Harmonic Exclusion Tool removes all deterministic components from your selection making it an ideal tool to get rid of tonal components without affecting transients.  Although it takes some time to perform the initial analysis of your source material, sonicWORX Isolate's easy-to-use, yet powerful, tools allow you to quickly get to work.  sonicWORX Isolate is available only for macOS. Prosoniq was recently acquired by Zynaptiq.  Please check with Zynaptiq at the above link regarding current availability of sonicWORX Isolate. The most recent version is available for download here:

sonicWORX Isolate
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